Obtaining a Canada ETA from Air Canada

As per the immigration law, all travellers planning to visit Canada must possess valid travel documents, such as a visitor visa, eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization), or other required documents before their arrival. It's important to note that U.S. citizens are exempt from these requirements when travelling to Canada by land or sea, but if they intend to visit Canada by air, they must apply for an eTA.

Obtaining a Canada ETA from Air Canada

When flying to Canada, you have various airline options to choose from, including Air Canada. However, if you're wondering whether Air Canada can issue an eTA for your travel, the answer is no; they are not authorised to provide such documents. Instead, you can conveniently apply online for an eTA using the services.

Online Application of the Canada ETA

Applying for a Canada eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) online is a streamlined and efficient process, offering the significant advantage of obtaining your eTA in as little as 2 hours. Here, we provide a detailed breakdown of the essential requirements and steps involved:

  • Valid Passport: The first and foremost requirement is to ensure that your passport remains valid for at least six months beyond your intended arrival date in Canada. This is a critical prerequisite for obtaining your eTA.
  • Email Address: It is crucial to provide a valid email address during the application process. All communication and information pertaining to your eTA will be sent electronically to this email address. Ensure that it is accessible and regularly checked.
  • Means of Payment: Be prepared with a valid payment method to cover the processing fee for your eTA. Acceptable payment options typically include credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal. Having a valid payment method ready will facilitate a smooth application process.

The subsequent step involves completing the user-friendly and straightforward online application form. This form gathers essential information about your travel plans and personal details. It's designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. If, at any point during the application, you encounter difficulties or have questions, rest assured that our dedicated support service is available 24/7 to provide prompt assistance and guidance.

Steps to Compete when Applying for the Canada ETA

Obtaining a Canada eTA involves a streamlined three-step process, each offering its own processing time and associated cost, providing applicants with flexibility and convenience:

Steps to Compete when Applying for the Canada ETA

  • Fill in Your Data

To kick off the application process, you'll need to complete a user-friendly application form with your personal details. Additionally, you'll have the option to select a processing time that aligns with your travel plans. It's important to note that each processing time comes with a distinct fee structure:

Standard Processing: This option ensures that your Canada eTA will be delivered to your inbox within 24 hours

Rush Processing: If you need expedited service, the rush processing option guarantees your Canada eTA in just 6 hours.

Super Rush Processing: For those who require the fastest processing time, the super rush option promises your eTA in only 2 hours. However, this expedited service comes at a higher cost.

  • Proofread and Payment

Before submitting your application, it is crucial to meticulously review all information provided to ensure accuracy, as changes cannot be made once the application enters processing. This step also involves making the necessary payment using a valid payment method.

  • Upload Required Documents

In the final step, applicants are required to upload the necessary documents specified in the application requirements. If any additional documentation is needed to support your application, you will receive notification. Once all required documents are uploaded, simply submit your application, and the remaining processing will be managed by the relevant authorities.

Validity period of the Canada ETA

The Canada eTA, once issued, is valid for a period of 5 years or until the expiry of your passport, whichever comes first. This extended validity provides travellers with flexibility for multiple visits to Canada during this timeframe.

 Importantly, eTA holders are granted the privilege of Multiple Entry, allowing them to enter and exit Canada on numerous occasions. Each entry permits a stay of up to 180 days, offering ample time for various travel purposes. 


Can I obtain a Canada ETA directly from Air Canada?

No, Air Canada is not authorised to issue Canada Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTAs). Travellers must apply for a Canada eTA through the official online application process.

Is there a cost associated with obtaining a Canada ETA?

Yes, there is a processing fee for a Canada eTA. The fee varies depending on the processing time you choose, with costs ranging from standard to super rush processing.

What are the eligibility requirements for a Canada ETA?

Eligibility criteria include having a valid passport, providing accurate information, and not being inadmissible to Canada for any reason. Most travellers, including those from visa-exempt countries like the Philippines, are eligible to apply for an eTA.

How long is a Canada ETA valid for?

A Canada eTA is typically valid for up to 5 years from the date of issue or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. During this period, you can make multiple trips to Canada, with each entry allowing a stay of up to 180 days.

Is there a customer support service available for eTA applicants?

Yes, there is customer support available to assist applicants with any questions or issues they may encounter during the eTA application process.

Can I apply for a Canada eTA at any time of the day or night?

Yes, the online eTA application system is available 24/7, providing flexibility for applicants to apply at their convenience.

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