Canada and Finland Ease Youth Mobility Agreement

Canada and Finland Ease Youth Mobility Agreement

Canada and Finland have signed a new Youth Mobility Agreement, meaning Finnish and Canadian youth aged 18 to 35 will be able to work and travel in each other's countries. The agreement came into effect on March 1, 2024. Finnish youth will be able to work and travel in Canada under the International Experience Canada (IEC). The agreement is reciprocal, so Canadian youth will also be able to work and travel in Finland under the IEC.

Agreement details

  • The agreement permits young people from Canada and Finland, aged 18 to 35, to engage in work and travel experiences within each other's nations.
  • They can enrol in the program through either the International Experience Canada (IEC) initiative or its counterpart in Finland.
  • The IEC offers three categories: Working Holiday, International Co-op (internship), and Young Professionals, with participants allowed to partake for up to 12 months per category.

Bilateral relations

Canada and Finland have a strong bilateral relationship, rooted in close connections and shared values. In 2022, both nations celebrated the 75th anniversary of their formal diplomatic ties. Now, as they mark 77 years of diplomatic relations, this recent agreement will further enhance their bilateral ties, fostering deeper connections between the two countries. Through the agreement, participants in the IEC program can explore new cultures, develop skills, and build friendships. It also presents a unique opportunity for Indigenous youth in Canada to learn about the heritage of the Sámi people. By investing in youth, both nations strengthen their global connections and pave the way for a more interconnected world.

Benefits of the agreement for the youths

This agreement invests in the potential of youth from both Canada and Finland, strengthening bilateral relations and promoting cross-cultural exchange. Here is a breakdown of the benefits:

Cultural Exploration: Finnish and Canadian youth can immerse themselves in the culture, languages, and society of the other country on a reciprocal basis.

Extended Stay and Work Opportunities: Participants can stay and work in the other country for up to a year, allowing them to gain valuable work experience abroad.

Expanded Opportunities: The agreement provides wider opportunities compared to Finland's existing working holiday agreements with Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Diverse Experiences: Participants can engage in various activities such as work, internships, or holidays, providing a diverse range of experiences.

Residence Permit Flexibility: Individuals can obtain a residence permit based on the agreement for up to a year, with the option to apply multiple times for different purposes including working holidays, work, or internship.

Ease of Residence Application Process: Residence permit applications for Finland are handled by the Immigration Service in Finland, while Canadian authorities manage the application process for residence permits for Canada, streamlining the application process for participants.

Career Enhancement: The program provides opportunities to gain professional work experience, which can benefit participants' careers.

Quotes from the officials

Here are the Government announcements and official statements from the officials:

  • Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (on behalf of the Honourable Patty Hajdu):
    “This is an exciting day for young people in Canada and Finland. The signing of this youth mobility agreement means that it will be easier for Canadian youth to travel and work in Finland. For Finnish youth, this agreement will improve their access to jobs in Canada and provide them with opportunities to experience what our great country has to offer. At the same time, Canadian employers will have a bigger talent pool to find the workers they need.”
  • Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship:
    “The Canada-Finland Youth Mobility Agreement will give youth of every background all across Canada an opportunity to learn from one another, strengthening ties between our two countries. International Experience Canada opens doors for young people to explore, learn, grow, and connect with other nations around the world. We are excited to add Finland to the list of countries under International Experience Canada agreements.”

Frequently asked questions

What is the Canada-Finland Youth Mobility Agreement?

The Canada-Finland Youth Mobility Agreement is an agreement between Canada and Finland that allows young people aged 18 to 35 to work and travel in each other's country.

Who is eligible to participate in the agreement?

Canadian and Finnish youth aged 18 to 35 are eligible to participate in the agreement.

What opportunities does the agreement offer for Canadian and Finnish youth?

The agreement offers opportunities for Canadian and Finnish youth to gain work experience, explore new cultures, and develop life skills through working and travelling in each other's countries.

How long can participants stay and work in each other's country?

Participants can stay and work in each other's country for up to a year under the agreement.

Are there any restrictions on the types of jobs participants can undertake?

Participants may have the opportunity to undertake various types of jobs depending on the terms of the agreement and the respective laws and regulations of each country.

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