Canada Forges New Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants

The Canadian government is paving the way for a potential influx of new citizens through a groundbreaking program aimed at undocumented immigrants. VisaGuide.World reports that this initiative targets those who have established themselves within Canada's community and workforce, particularly long-term residents contributing to various sectors like construction.


Aligned with ambitious immigration goals outlined by local media, this policy seeks to welcome 500,000 newcomers annually by 2025. This strategy, already instrumental in driving recent economic growth through population expansion, reflects Canada's commitment to bolstering its workforce and diversifying its population.

Immigration Minister Marc Miller acknowledges the estimated 300,000 to 600,000 individuals residing in Canada without official documentation. Many among this group, he emphasizes, are crucial members of the labor force and have built families within the country. However, they face constant anxiety due to their uncertain immigration status, a situation Miller deems "untenable."

Canada Immigration Minister Marc Miller

The new program aims to provide a path to citizenship for these individuals, including those who initially entered Canada legally as temporary workers or international students but overstayed their visas. A formal proposal outlining the program's specifics is expected to be presented to the cabinet in spring 2024.

While economic considerations play a significant role in this policy, the government assures adherence to its set immigration targets for the next two years. From 2026 onwards, there will be a temporary pause in the incremental increase of these numbers. The targets are set at 465,000 new residents for 2023, 485,000 for 2024, and a steady aim of welcoming 500,000 immigrants annually from 2025 onwards, maintaining the level established in 2020.

Further strengthening its commitment to welcoming newcomers, Canada introduced a new humanitarian pathway in October 2023. This program specifically targets Colombian, Haitian, and Venezuelan citizens residing in Central South America or the Caribbean with extended family in Canada. As announced by Minister Miller, this initiative will commence in the fall of 2024, facilitating the migration of 11,000 individuals from these three countries to Canada. Notably, Canada also committed to accepting 15,000 migrants from the Western Hemisphere on humanitarian grounds in March 2023.

Canada humanitarian citizenship

Demonstrating confidence in Canada's ability to meet its ambitious immigration targets, Minister Miller also highlighted the additional 4,000 temporary foreign workers welcomed this year, with many already having arrived. These figures, he says, underscore Canada's dedication to fulfilling its immigration goals and enriching its communities with diverse skills and perspectives

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